Poem for Eleni

A Poem for Eleni

Three drops of water came from the sky,
Two fall together, one falls nearby,
Each takes its path down the mountainside.
Gathering dust, brown and grey.
Harvesting soil along the way
As gifts to share far down below.

Two drops soon, side by side,
Contented in their joyful ride,
A little trickle they become.
In due time their paths do meet
Another drop so pure, so sweet,
And Nature weds them to her cause.

From brook, to stream, through banks of heather,
Down cataracts they leap together,
And carve the rock to gorges deep.
To valleys green they carry seeds
To feed insects, birds and trees.
This is the keeping of their word.

To winding river on the plain.
By fishes, beasts and ripened grain,
Flow in tranquil harmony.
Their journey’s end lies in wait.
The breaking surf annihilates
Drop to mist, mist to vapour.

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