Homeless Prayer

Homeless Prayer
John Warren © 2011

I used to go to church each week
And pay for last week’s doubtful deeds,
And beg that I might do Christ’s work,
But found I had more pressing needs.

No sooner did I leave the place,
Then once again I felt unblessed
When looking for a parking space,
Some idiot gets the damn thing first.

What’s the point of buying Christ’s peace
When the money can be better spent,
On a Hummer armed to the teeth,
And a pair of dogs with mean intent.

It never used to be like this,
But things just got to me at work,
And the only time I bought some peace,
Was happy hour at the Rib ‘n Jerk.

I left my wife and crazy kids,
But her friends say that she left me,
And tell me that I’ve hit the skids,
But I just don’t see it that way.

A friend and I once panned a spot
On a grate that kept us both alive.
We sang songs to break your heart,
But our hearts, too, did not survive.

Hey! Why the Hell am I telling you?
But man you’re all the friends I’ve left.
I’m grateful for your buck or two
Do you have an extra cigarette?

One crazy cold and bitter night
My antifreeze had all dried up
And all I saw was one small light,
One small light… One small light…

Now I lay me on the street
Cold and wet and pray for sleep,
And if I don’t wake up again
Please see my stuff goes to a friend.

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