Hogtown – so what?

At one time Toronto, Hogtown, was the largest pork packer in the British Empire, and earlier in 1879, was the second largest pork producer on the continent. It would be too tempting to get all political here, but coincidentally, our esteemed Prime Minister, this very week, will go to Belgium to get a free trade deal with the EU , and guess what, he is going to send our pigs there and put our dairy industry here out to pasture.

Sources say the final breakthrough came in the past few days after Canada agreed to double its quota on EU cheese exports in return for greater access for Canadian beef and pork.

All this and see what we have for a mayor!

Jolly Rob

Hogtown indeed!

Well… this rant has broken the dreaded, paralytic, white page impasse and here on in we’ll get literary.

Welcome to An Old Hogtown Hippy

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